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A new era in packaging

Exceeding expectations by design

Ultra smart – Ultra savings

Our Ring Ultra Bottle-in-a-Box eliminates virtually every problem associated with conventional containers. Made of lightweight HDPE encased in a purpose-designed corrugated carton, our Bottle-in-a-Box delivers maximum strength at the lowest possible weight. With our advanced technology, you can enjoy happier customers, save money, and have more predictable costs.

Here’s why Ultra is better

Patented “EZ-Flo” neck

  • No-glug dispensing
  • Safer — No more mess.
  • Complete and rapid evacuation

Cap and closure design

  • Easy to fill and cap
  • Multiple capping choices
  • Compatible with foil or tamper-evident seals

Flexible branding

  • Plain or printed cartons
  • You choose the design
  • HQPP (High Quality Post Print) available


  • 100% recyclable materials
  • Safe and easy disposal

Lightweight and strong

  • Reduces shipping costs
  • Improves handling
  • Resists damage

Ergonomic Handle

  • Reduces risk of injury, spills
  • Easy to handle and pour

Ring Ultra Bottle-in-a-Box

Caps and Closures

We offer a variety of different closures that are compatible with Ring Ultra Bottle-in-a-Box.

Optimize your pallets

We’ve designed RING Ultra Bottle-in-a-Box so that it is easy to stack, store, and ship.

  • Stacks neatly on 1m x 1.2m (UK) and 0.8m X 1.0m (EU) pallets
  • No pallet overhang
  • Optimal for loading of a lorry
  • Efficient storage and shipping

Compared to Ring Ultra Bottle-in-a-Box, cylindrical metal containers are more inconvenient for your customers because they are:

  • Less safe
  • Hard to handle
  • Difficult to lift
  • More likely to glug, resulting in splatters, spills and slips
  • Bulkier to store
  • A challenge to dispose of and potentially hazardous because of their awkward shape and rigid construction

They are also less efficient for your operations because they:

  • Fluctuate in price
  • Weigh more
  • Are difficult to stack for transport
  • Qverhang a standard pallet
  • Require more storage space

Switching to Ultra is easy

Make the move to Ultra and start saving immediately. No expensive equipment conversion is necessary. Your filling equipment will need only slight adjustments. Contact us and ask your representative about making the switch.

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